Protect Your Room With Anti Glare Car Window Film

A person putting anti glare window film on a car

The sun’s rays in a tropical nation like ours emit radiation that could be bad for our skin and eyes. The heat and glare that the sun’s rays transmit through the windows can soon become intolerable and eventually turn into a potentially hazardous distraction while driving. With the help of an anti glare car window film, you can avoid this.

Reduce Your Glaring Problem

A driver’s likelihood of being in a fatal collision increases by 16% in bright sunshine. Although the danger may be far lower than drunk driving, it is still very high.

That’s because bright light may irritate the eyes and even change how they see objects. We refer to this event as “glare.” Glare can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, incapacitating, or blinding.

In either case, the glare of any kind increases your chance of being involved in a car accident. Glare-reducing films are an important addition to any car. They work to reduce the brightness of light, whether it comes from the sun or artificial sources.

Benefits Of Glare Films

  • Prolongs Your Car Interior – Up to 40% of the fading damage to fabrics and carpets is caused by UV light. On materials like plastic and wood, the heat and UV radiation from the sun can also result in discoloration and warping. In just four to six months, sunlight exposure can also cause leather upholstery to fade. Heat and radiation both have the potential to dry up leather and cause unsightly fissures. The interior of your vehicle can be shielded from such harm with high heat rejection window film. You can prolong the look of the inside of your vehicle by using these window films.
  • Protection From Damaging UV Rays – Even though UVA photons have the lowest energies, they nevertheless harm DNA indirectly. They change the DNA of the melanocyte cells, resulting in cell destruction. Melanoma skin cancer may eventually emerge as a result of these changes over time. The good news is that 99% UVA and UVB protection is offered by high-quality anti-glare films. Not only the driver’s side window, but all the windows in your car, should have these films installed. You can shield yourself and your passengers from such harmful light in this way.
  • Better Performing HCAV Systems – Similar to residential window films, anti glare films for cars help in reducing solar radiation. They also help keep hot or cooled air inside your vehicle. You can thus make the most of the HVAC system in your automobile. Additionally, it means that your HVAC system won’t have to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car. As a result, the HVAC system experiences less strain, extending its useful life.
  • Protection Against Cancer Causing UVB Rays – The burning and discoloration of the skin is caused by UVB radiation. Despite having shorter wavelengths than UVA, they are more active. They directly harm the DNA of the skin cells as well as the outermost layers of the skin in this way. Remember that UVA rays cause tanning while UVB rays cause burning. The latter results in quicker-acting side effects such as erythema, discomfort, swelling, and redness of the skin. Additionally, sunburns are one of the main causes of several skin malignancies. Anti-glaring films can help close some of that gap. In the end, the best window coatings shield you from 99% of UV radiation. They offer you all protection you need against UVB rays.

With high-quality car anti glare films, you can expect everything from UV protection to interior protection. At Shree Vinayaga Stickers, we offer a wide range of car window films at affordable prices.


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