Heat Resistant Films

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Through the course of the day, the heat from the sun may gradually increase, making spaces unpleasant and perhaps uninhabitable. You can use your house or conservatory all year long by installing window heat resistant film on your glass to lower solar heat build-up and provide a more comfortable temperature.

Once installed, heat resistant film functions similarly to solar control glass in reducing the amount of solar radiation that enters your home via your windows.

The solar control film selection from Shree Vinayaga Stickers is offered in a variety of finishes and grades, with the best films blocking up to 77% of solar energy.

Heat resistant window film not only guarantees a suitable temperature but also provides other advantages. 99% of UV radiation, one of the main causes of fading, is blocked by most of the films in the range. Applying the best heat resistant window film can block UV radiation exposure and helps you reduce glare too.

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