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The Shree Vinayaga Stickers Sun Control Film lets in natural light while reducing heat effect and glare. The window sun protection film solution not only lowers your air conditioning costs but also spares you from utilizing artificial light throughout the day in a tropical nation like India where summer lasts the entire year.

As you do not have to worry about moving televisions and computer screens away from windows, the anti-glare function of these sun control reflecting coatings makes using them a comfortable experience. It is an economical line of sun control films that doesn’t sacrifice both security and aesthetics.

Shree Vinayaga Stickers’s Sun Control Films come in a variety of tones and light transmission levels. Its extensive selection of anti-glare films is ideal for a variety of locations, including homes, corporate offices, IT and BPO firms, banks and ATM locations, malls, showrooms, hotels, the food industry, hospitals, airports, and the pharma sector.

Due to its high-tech performance characteristics, our sun film has a very high heat rejection quotient. Instead of employing standard metalized films in the product design, this infrared film has an interior coating of NIR-blocking organometallic nanoparticles.

By providing greater protection from Ultra-Violet rays and lowering the negative effects of solar radiation on your eyes and general health,  car sun protection film serve as an effective sunscreen for your skin.

By adding an additional layer of protection to the glass, sun control films transform fragile windows into strongholds against accidents and breakage, including all threats from the environment and human impact.

At Shree Vinayaga Stickers, you can buy sun control film online at affordable prices. Our long-lasting car window sun film solution comes with an extended warranty.

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