How does Car Sun Protection Film help to Reduce Heat?

The blue car uses car sun protection film to reduce heat

Heat and UV radiation from the sun damage more than just your skin. The sun could also cause damage to cars. When a car is left out in the sun for an extended period, the surface temperature can reach 90°C. Furthermore, indoor air temperatures can exceed 62°C. 

Heat destroys dashboards, seats, and exterior finishes over time and can harm the vehicle’s components. At the same time, UV rays destroy the car’s paint, making it susceptible to rust and other damage. 

While many people know that cold weather necessitates extra precautions, many are unaware that summer could be just as dangerous. With car sun protection film, you can protect your vehicle.

Sun Protection Films Blocks Heat

While car sun is a highly efficient method of preventing extra heat from entering your home, its functioning is straightforward. Once placed, most solar control films give glazing a reflecting exterior look, and this mirrored effect reflects away a portion of the sun’s energy before it can pass through the glass and into your, constantly raising the inside temperature.

The film is beneficial because it blocks a portion of the heat from passing through the glass, preventing excess heat from building up and eventually making the inside of the car unpleasant.

It’s important to note that sun protection window film doesn’t prevent all of the heat, so it won’t make the internal temperature feel too cold – it’s designed to stop only the excess heat while still allowing a percentage of the sun’s solar energy to pass through, so you can enjoy the warmth from the sun without feeling too hot.

Sun Protection Films Block UV Rays

Sun film can prevent up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV radiation, which can cause skin aging and cancer. Ultraviolet light, sometimes known as UV rays, is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. 

Prolonged exposure causes skin damage like burns, darkening skin, premature aging, and skin cancer. Sun car film’ offers UV protection by blocking harmful UVA and UVB radiation. 

According to research, 53% of skin cancers in India occur on the right side of the body, which corresponds to the driver’s side of a car. Window film protection is an essential safeguard against this risk for people driving for long periods.

Sun Protection Film Provides Privacy & Security

Sun car film is an effective deterrent to thieves and criminals. Having protected windows is quite advantageous. Do you want to know how? Sun window film reduces the visibility of your vehicle’s valuables. A car alarm, while important, is not a preventative tool and will typically warn you after a theft has happened.

On the other hand, sun window film keeps passers-by and possible criminals away from your car. With a window film, you can leave your valuables in the vehicle without worrying about them being seen.

Sun film will make it more challenging for thieves to break into your car, in addition to improving your privacy.

Sun Protection Films Offer Glass Protection

Sun protection film has the unexpected advantage of strengthening and protecting your glass. Accidents are never fun, but when they do, your windows will likely break, resulting in injury.

Window films function in the same way as phone screen protectors do. They hold the shards together if they shatter. The same happens if you are unlucky enough to be in an accident. The glass fragments become entangled when the windows break due to the impact.

Filming your car’s glass also extends its life. They reduce the possibility of scratches appearing on the glass. As a result, when driving, you have an unobstructed vision of everything around you. If you travel on Indian roads, you need the best car sun protection film from skilled car window film installers. By applying a high-quality film, you can protect your car from solar damage and theft while safeguarding your health and safety. Shree Vinayaga Stickers offers high-quality window protection for all vehicle types.


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