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Car Tint Film

It is challenging to keep your automobile’s interior cool during the hot summer months. In India, the unrelenting bombardment of UV rays increased by the glass can provide a sauna effect. One way to deal with this is with the help of car tint film, which can relieve you from the extreme summer heat and optimize your car.

What Is Car Tint Film?

Window tint, also known as car tint film, is a thin, adhesive film applied to the inside of a vehicle’s windows. It reduces the amount of sunlight, heat, and UV rays entering the vehicle’s cabin. The film is typically made of polyester or a polyester/other material blend.

It comes in various shades and levels of darkness, allowing car owners to select the level of privacy and sun protection they prefer. Car tint film not only improves the aesthetics of a vehicle, giving it a sleek and sophisticated appearance, but it also has several functional advantages. It supports blocking harmful UV rays, which can fade the car’s interior and pose health risks to passengers. This film can help optimize your everyday ride.

How Does It Work?

Car window film uses its compositions and properties to block or reduce the transmission of sunlight, heat, and UV rays into the car’s interior. The film has multiple layers, typically including an adhesive layer, a polyester film layer, and a scratch-resistant coating.

The polyester film contains metals, dyes, or ceramic particles that absorb or reflect solar energy. As sunlight hits the filmed window, the film absorbs a significant portion of the heat and filters out harmful UV rays.

This process helps to maintain a cooler interior temperature and protects the car’s occupants from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Additionally, the tint film’s darker shade or reflective surface aids in reducing glare, enhancing visibility, and providing privacy for passengers inside the vehicle.

How Can Window Tint Optimize Your Car Ride?

UV Protection

Untinted windows can naturally block UVA radiation but still enable many of the sun’s harmful rays to get through automobile windows. Window tint protects the interior of a car from fading caused by the sun and can keep you safe.

UV radiation from an untinted automobile window can cause skin and eye damage, including cancer and cataracts. A high-quality car window tint can filter most cancer-causing UV radiation, lowering your health risks while driving.

Less Glare While Driving

While driving, window film can help to reduce glare from the sun. This glare is not only annoying and blinding, but it can also make driving more unsafe. The sun is powerful enough to generate a dramatic contrast in light intensity, which can induce eye strain and an increased risk of an accident.

By minimizing sun glare, window tint will assist drivers in seeing clearly. A window tint allows just approximately half of the light into your vehicle. When driving during the day, this makes it much simpler to see.

Cooler Interior

Regular window tints can keep your interior cool, but our high-quality window tints take cooling to a whole new level. Because these tints are good at blocking UV rays, your vehicle’s interior will be cooler.

Our window tints can also be used to block off infrared light. The heat from the sun is caused by infrared radiation. Since fewer rays enter the vehicle, the inside temperature is substantially lower, even if you park it in the sun. You can save money and energy when fewer infrared rays enter your vehicle. When your automobile is already cool, you don’t need to run the AC as frequently or for as long.

Privacy & Security

When you tint your windows, you will notice they are significantly darker. If you know someone with tinted car windows, you’ve probably noticed how much darker they are than your regular ones. The advantage is that the darkness of the windows won’t hinder your vision while driving.

With tinted windows, no one can see inside your vehicle, which may discourage people from breaking into it because they see a valuable object inside. Even so, keeping valuables out of your car when parking in public is critical. Tinted window films can completely transform your vehicle and provide a better driving experience. Choose us and get the best window films for your vehicle.


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